Step 4: Work on a Practice site

Designing and building a website is not something you can do only by reading a book, you have to get out there and try it for yourself.

Building a practice website allow you to learn about all the important aspects of website design:

  • Links
  • Posts
  • Tags
  • Catergories
  • Pages
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Widgits
  • Permalinks
  • Slugs
  • Menus
  • etc.

Being comfortable and fluent with all of these basics will help you a lot when you are building your business website.  Even professional athletes practice the basics sometimes.


A few ideas for your practice site:

  • Personal blog
  • Workout journal
  • Book reviews
  • Photography collection
  • Art portfolio
  • Travel diary
  • Local review site (i.e. restaurants, beaches, gold courses, etc.)
  • Learning journal while you study a new language, dancing, chemistry, etc.
  • Wine review site
  • Personal recipe collection
  • Video game tips

Being on Step 4 myself now, I am feeling 10x more confident with working on word press than I was at Step 1.  Making pages, links, and posts are no problem any more.


Domain Registration

When you signed up for Bluehost in Step 1 they gave you a free web domain registration, which you probably took as your own personal blog website.
If you are reading ahead and haven’t yet used this free domain, you can select your practic topic now and use this to find a wesite domain.  However, you can purchase another domain registration with Bluehost and not bother having to deal with 3rd party domain registry services yet.  I will explore this in Step 6 when I will be registering a number of domains that realate to my passion niche.



Try to come up with about 5 pages, 5 posts, and experiment with the menu tree building.
Set up your permalink slugs


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