Begin Your Own Online Business

If you are a beginner with online business, then this is the page for you!
The two most important pieces of advice I can give you are:

  • Take Action!
    Don’t wait for the perfect idea, solution, design, time, or domain name.
  • Try to focus on one idea!
    Have a notebook and write down all the different ideas that come to mind – then forget them.
    If you’re like me, then you probably get one new idea everyday – sometimes two or more.
    You can work on that iPhone application, ebook, software program, or second website another day.

The entire idea behind this website is for me to share with you what I am learning about building a website and an online virtual business.  Essentially it is a way for me to immediately practice what I am taught.  The idea is not for me to build up this site as my online business, in fact I will be linking and referring you to the internet gurus that I have been learning from.  If you would like to go to the page where I talk about the various internet business and other personalities that I follow, please go to my Gurus Page.

If any step is unclear or you would like a screencast video of that step, please leave a comment and I will work on that for you.

I am writing these steps as I go.  These are the steps that I personally took.


Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1) Sign up for a hosting account

Do not wait until you have the perfect domain name, business idea, product, or everything mapped out for you.  Continue


Step 2) Install WordPress and Choose a Theme

Now that you have signed up for your web hosting account, you will have to start building your first website.  Now, more than ever, is the time to just start and experiment.


Step 3) Install WordPress Plugins

Now is the time to install a couple of plugins to improve the functionality of your webstite.


Step 4) Work on a Practice Site

Designing and building a website is not something you can do only by reading a book, you have to get out there and try it for yourself.


Step 5) Select you Niche

So far you have followed the first four steps of: signing up of web hosting, installing WordPress, adding plug ins, and practicing with your own personal web site.
Now it is time to come up with your first niche idea and start your own virtual business.


Step 6) Do Keyword Research

Once you have selected a niche topic area, it is good to do some research on the popularity and competitiveness of keywords associated with this niche.



Step 7) Get Domain Registered, Gmail address, Facebook, Twitter

Next step is to claim your name with all of the different services you will be using – even if not needed right away.



Step 8) Brainstorm Initial Blogposts & Content

Using more keyword research, you should now think of topics to use to write pages, blog posts, and tweets.



Step 9) Make 5-10 blog posts, and 5-10 content pages to make your site immediately useful

It’s time to site down and type out some content.  As Tim Ferriss teaches, you should batch your tasks.  Now is a time to batch some of your content making.



Step 10) Set up Google analytics, possibly adsense, and Aweber orMail Chimp

Now that you have created some content and are hopefully driving some traffic to your website, you should learn to make use of this traffic.