Tools for Building your Virtual Business

Virtual Business Resources for your own online business

On this page you will find the virtual business resources that I personally use and recommend.

Most of these links below are affiliate links.  It costs you the exact same, but I receive a small commission if you use them.

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As always, please contact me with any questions about the products below.  I feel that I can give a more honest recommendation about required services than the sellers themselves.


  • Web hosting.  This is the web host I personally use and recommend.  In fact, the Virtual Business HQ website is housed on this web host.  Actually, VBHQ and 10 other websites of mine are hosted on this web server.  Use this web host if you want unlimited features: unlimited domains, unlimited traffic, and everything else you need for starting a web business.  The control panel is simple to use, has 1-click WordPress installation, you can easily point domain names from other registrars to it, or even transfer a purchased website to your web host.
  • Domain hosting.  The web host that I recommend gives you a free domain registration for as long as you remain a customer with them.  But since you are interested in internet business, you will definitely be registering more than one domain.  This is the registrar that I recommend and personally use.  You might as well go and setup an account now for when you find the right domain name that you want to register.  Try to find six or more domains to register and you get some pretty good savings.  I use this registrar for most of my web domains – it gives me flexibility to easily change web hosts in the future.
  • Keyword Research. Researching which keywords to target when creating content for your website is a basic step you must take to ensure that it will be successful.  Also, keyword research is critical when building niche websites.  The keyword research tool that I use and recommend will generate keywords for you, analyze them for commerciality & competitiveness, find available domain names containing your selected keyword, and even show you how the Google top 10 results got their ranking.  This is easily the most valuable tool for the price that I own.
  • Premium WordPress Themes.  I recommend that you start your websites with a free WordPress theme.  However, the day will come when you want your website to look great and a premium WordPress Theme is exactly what you need.  My favorite theme provider is simple to navigate and very inexpensive.  If you have just a couple of bucks and you want to make your site pop – well then check it out now.
  • Customizable WordPress Theme.  If you want to spend a little bit more time on the appearance of your site, then I recommend this theme.  It’s highly customizable, extremely popular,  and most of the top websites using WordPress use this theme.
  • Email List management.  The goal of anything that you do on your website posts, Facebook, Twitter, or other marketing efforts, should be to get people to join your email mailing list.  With a mailing list you are free to send your followers newsletters, surveys, affiliate offers, and much more.  But, you cannot send emails by just coping and pasting into gmail, you need an email list management service.  Trust me, they get your emails past the spam filters and firewalls and get them opened.  Get your own email list management tool here.
  • Membership Site Software.  A great way to monetize your website is to turn it into a membership site that charges a monthly membership fee.  This is the membership site software that I recommend.  This is a useful model if you have material that you can reveal parts of every month.  Start your own membership site here
  • If your goal is to make more of a Facebook style social networking hub for your topic, I would recommend this tool for that purpose.
  • Internet Business Mastery Academy.  These are the guys who first got me interested in online business, and then helped me with setting up my own website.  You should definitely listen to their podcast.  Also, check out their academy membership, get their free introductory resource, and sign up if you want.  I include an academy membership in our premium web starter package.

Bonus FREE tools:



The services listed above are the ones that I personally use for my own internet businesses.  You are welcome to mix and match what you think you need and when.

If you would like my team to set everything up for you, we will do so at no extra cost.  For the exact same price as you would pay to purchase these tools and services separately, we can set everything up for you and help you to quickly get your internet business up and running.   More information here