The Thank You Economy

Some poeple  love Gary Vaynerchuck, and some people can’t stand him.  I’m lucky enough to be one of those people who can learn from him and am invigorated by his energy and passion.

Now, I have a confession to make – I ready his second book – The Thank You Economy – before I read Crush It.  I don’t regret this though since they are both different.
All aspiring entrepreneurs and virtual business owners should read both of his books.


This book helps to remind us that really caring for our customers is the best form of marketing.  Somehowa lot of use have the mentality that you should avoid giving away free stuff to a customer, even if it means upsetting them or even losing them altogether.


Perfect book for the Kindle

I read The Thank You Economy over the course of a long weekend visiting my family.  First, I have to say that I love reading books on the Kindle and that this is a perfect book for it.  Second, before you start reading this on the Kindle, be sure that you understand the highlighter and bookmark functions – you’ll be using them a lot!