The 4 Hour Work Week Review – The Book for Digital Entrepreneurs

The 4 Hour Work Week Review

The 4 Hour Work Week review is about a book that every aspiring entrepreneur should read. It doesn’t matter if you are building an online or offline business, this is a highly recommended read!
In fact, it should be one of the first books that you read on your way to designing your own virtual business. There are mindsets and ideas in this book that you have to implant in your head.

At first I listened to it as an audiobook. It took me all of one day to consume. The ideas were so new and so right with me. I recommend that you too consume the entire book in a single day as well. It will change your life!
I’ve listened to it a few times since and it never ceseases to excite and amaze me.

Now, I have also purchased the Kindle edition of the new revision, since there are many lists and links that are harder to capture in the audio version. I have the written version to use as a reference and resource. But I still listen to the audiobook version for my inspiration!

Some of the main topics of the book are:

  • Location Independence. How to advice and destination recommendations
  • Virtual Business. Why owning a business that you can run from anywhere is a major part of your freedom formula
  • Arranging remote working agreements – you can keep your job and travel too
  • Activities to participant in while abroad – learn languages, study martial arts, and dance Tango.
  • Ways to fund your location independence and lifestyle design
  • Utilizing virtual assistants to free up your time and work for you
  • Researching the viability and marketability of a product
  • How to Evaluate the value of freedom and free time – Who is richer? The man who makes $20k per year working 5 hours per week, or the guy making $80k working 80 hours per week?

Most of us in the Virtual Business, Location Independence, and Lifestyle Design world simply refer to this as “The Book”