Why I chose Bluehost

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Affiliate Income, Beginner, My Journey, Website Building

Hey, so one of the first steps I had to take was to decide on a website host.
I spoke with family & friends and got a personal recommendation from them.  I read reviews online and took advice from some of my gurus: Sterling & Jay at Internet Business Mastery, Cliff Ravenscraft at Podcast Answer Man, and Dan Andrews at Lifestyle Business Podcast.  They all suggested Bluehost and this is the provider that I am personally using as well.

Unlimited Hosting Possibilites

I liked the idea of unlimited: domains, parked domains, bandwidth, email addresses, etc.
The C-panel setup is easy to use – without any training!  Trust me, it’s that easy.
The cost per month was in line with everything else that I researched – and I spent a couple of days doing this research.
As a final bonus, you get a free domain name registration while you’re a Bluehost customer.

The various reviews I saw also noted that their uptime is great and the customer service is fast & capable – thankfully I haven’t had to deal with either.

I’m recommending to you that you try Bluehost if you’re just getting started.  If you are interested in checking it out for more info, please use my link: http://www.bluehost.com/track/vbhq

This is my first experiment with affiliate links – I think it will eventually be successful.
I will keep you informed.

For more, please see my in-depth page reviewing Bluehost:


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