Use WordPress To Build Your Site

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Affiliate Income, Beginner, My Journey, Website Building

Even though it is really fast and easy to get started, just having your web hosting account will not get your website up and available to the world.

Content Management Systems

About ten years ago people used visual editors such as Microsoft Frontpage to design their static websites.  When I first started thinking about virtual business, I thought that this was the path that I would have to take and that I better start learning HTML (the programming language used for websites).
Thankfully I didn’t just start doing this, but instead began to read blogs and listen to podcasts by people who are currently very successful in internet business (you should do this too).


A no-brainer decision

One decision that took almost zero thought on my part was the choice to use the WordPress content management script to build my site.  Every blog you read and every podcast you listen to on building a website for a virtual business tells you this.  I believe it and you should too.

Really, there is no decision to make – even with no HTML coding skills you can get a simple site out there in 30 min.  The only decisions to be made are on which theme design to use and which plugins to use.  Definitely no lack of choice on either of those fronts.

When it comes to themes, I’m still using – as of this writing – one of the free ones found through the WordPress admin panel.  Read more about WordPress themes.
Here is a provider of premium themes that I am evaluating:WooThemes



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