How @VirtualBizHQ Uses Twitter as a Learning Tool for Online Business

Written by Andrew Wright

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In the last few years there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Twitter – most of it about various celebrities and their escapades.
More recent – and more useful – Twitter has played a big role in many demonstrations and uprisings in such places as Thailand and Egypt.
I have only just begun to use Twitter, but I already see the major possibilities and benefits of it.  I finally get it.


With Twitter you can follow just about anybody

As a learning tool, you can instantly be connected with anybody who inspires you, who gives you workout tips & motivation, who you aspire to be, who gives out business wisdom, or anybody else that is just plain cool.
Twitter is something that you can only learn by doing (a recurring theme here on Virtual Business HQ).  It’s free to try and you don’t have to install any extra programs on your computer.  Search for celebrities, experts, friends, brands, or simply random people.

Richard Branson, Google, Hugh Hefner, Mike Tyson, and Charlie Sheen are some of my random follows.


Use Twitter as a learning tool for virtual business

Twitter is also a great place to learn about virtual business, lifestyle design, location independence, online marketing, entrepreneurship, and other topics of interest to the aspiring digital entrepreneur.  It is a place for tips, quotes, photos, links, quick polls, getting problems solved & questions answered, commenting on blogs, announcing your latest podcast episodes, and making connections to many others out there just like you.

Many internet marketing and online business development experts connect with their audiences here, and you should join in.


First 5 list of people to follow

For learning about virtual business and entrepreneurship, the first 5 people that you should follow are:

@PatFlynn Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income
@ibizmastery Internet Business Mastery
Yanik Silver; author of “Moonlighting on the Internet”
@thesharkdaymond Daymond John of FUBU and Shark Tank
@DARRENHARDY Darren Hardy of Success Magazine

Bonus Follow!
@VirtualBizHQ Of course this is my Twitter account.

Take action, sign up for an account, and follow me on Twitter!

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