Try Google AdSense for your Virtual Business

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Beginner, Website Building

After recently setting up my Google analytics account, I decided that another good experiment to try and thing to learn would be Google AdSense.

AdSense is a script that you place into your website code that makes an area available for Google to place advertisements.  When visitors to your site click on an ad, you receive a credit to your Google AdSense Account.  Once the credit balance is large enough, you will receive a cheque from Google.

I think this is a good place to experiment with AdSense, where I am just blogging and giving away my information for free.  On a site where I have my own products for sale, it may not be the best idea to drive traffic away to another site just for a little bit of money.  However, on a site with free content only, like this, it may be a good way to earn a little bit of income along with affiliate links.  I will update this post with specifics as I find them out and will update in the future how well AdSense has done for me and compare that with affiliate links, etc.

The process is you have to apply to Google for an account and they then have to approve you to use AdSense on your site.  It only took them two days to approve me.
This makes perfect sense, since they don’t want to be working with shady web sites.
Another thing to note is that you should not click on ads on your own site.  This is against the agreement and it is Google, so they would find out.

The process of setting up the ad on Google is very simple.  You select some options that  are important to you such as: banner size, shape, colour, text or images, the colour palette, fonts, etc.
Once these options are selected, the program generates a script code that you will place on your website.

The fastest and easiest way to do this is to make a “wide skyscraper” ad, copy the script from AdSense, go to your website’s dashboard, click widgets, drag a text box to your side menu, paste the script code into the text box, and click save.  Suddenly you have a vertical banner advertisement on your website.

This is my first experiment with AdSense.  Of course I hope it makes some revenue – but there’s a lot of time for that.  Really I hope to learn how this program works and how to benefit the most from it.


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