Recommend Books as an Amazon Associate

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Affiliate Income, Books, Virtual Business

Though I’ve recently discovered audiobooks and am starting to really prefer them, I am still a very avid reader and can consume books rapidly.  Naturally I find myself giving book recommendations very often, especially in the areas of business, language, travel, engineering, health, and exercise.


An easy way to recommend books to your website followers and friends.

Reading is one of the best ways to gain knowledge and to be inspired by others’ ideas & accomplishments.  Whenever I am finished with a good book, I find myself talking about it with my family, friends, and work colleagues.  Trying to email or even have them remember titles, authors, or ISBNs can be cumbersome.  Why not just make a website with a short review of your recommendations and send people to it.  Oh wait, you are building a website.


A simple plan

Another thing that some people have a hard time grasping is how much you really can save by buying your books online.
I constantly hear from people that they’ve picked up their books from the bookstore in the mall, the airport, or at the grocery store.  So here’s the simple plan: go to the mall, buy the coffee in the Starbucks, look at books, write down or remember the ones you like (or use your smart phone to snap a photo of the ISBN), come home, buy on the internet.  See, simple.


Stay tuned

I have only just applied to be a member of the Amazon Assosiates program.
Like with Google AdSense, they have to review your website and make sure it is acceptable for use with their program.
I will discuss this opportunity in more detail once I am accepted and have a chance to explore the program some more.

If you’re interested in seeing my top recommendations for books when starting an online business, please visit my book recommendation page.

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