Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Beginner, Gurus, Learning, Website Links

One of the websites that I check out a lot is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income:
Of all the websites, blogs, podcasts, and books that I’ve read on entrepreneurship or virtual business, Pat is definitely the most open and genuine personality.

Most notable are his monthly income reports – yes he actually lists and reports openly about the income he is learning online through niche sites, adsense, affiliate marketing, product sales, and all other aspects of online business.
Check it out yourself: Smart Passive Income Reports

He also periodically publishes traffic reports and screen shots from his Google Analytics account that detail his success with various methods of traffic attraction.

Also, he has an introduction to passive income page on his site that should be a definite stop for you!

Finally, his podcast is on my must hear list; anyone wanting to learn about virtual business – or passive income – needs to listen to this.

I will definitely talk more about Pat and other people who I have adopted as my gurus.

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