My Beginning in Virtual Business & Lifestyle Design

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Beginner, Learning, My Journey, Virtual Business

Here I will document my journey into virtual business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and location independence.

I hope to share my experiences and knowledge gained through books, online courses, blogs, podcasts, and my own website.
This site will be my way of practising what I learn from online business websites and gurus while I work on selecting my own profitable niche for my own first virtual business.

I am sharing the steps that I am personally taking to build my site, the books that I read for information, the podcasts I listen to for motivation, the gurus that I am aspiring to be like, and the tools that I am researching for use in my own virtual business.

Together we will learn more about affiliate marketing, ebooks, offering your own products & services, membership sites, utilising virtual assistants, and social media.
I will be experimenting with affiliate links on this site.  Please assume that I will receive a small kickback if you click that link and purchase the product.  But be assured that you will not be paying any more this way and that I have also purchased this product or service myself.

Thanks for your interest!


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