Moolala Daily Deal Coupon

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Beginner, Virtual Business

Those daily deal coupon websites are definitely becoming very popular (and useful!).

A new take on daily deal coupons is called Moolala and allows you to sign up your friends and receive a percentage of their purchases as a commission – and of their friends’ purchases – and their friends’ friends, etc.
The same great deals, but with a chance to bring home a little bit of income for your efforts.

The info and video on their website is much better than I can explain, so for more information, please go to the Moolala website.

This would be a great first experiment with passive income, just click on my link above, sign up, send your link on to your friends,  and then watch your network grow.

Also, you’ll be getting all the great deals in your email that you would have with Group On.


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