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Written by Andrew Wright

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Market Samurai is a time saving business tool

I am personally using it right now.  Literally I have a project on the go that I click over to and use every once in a while.

You should too once you’ve decided on a couple of niche topic areas that interest you.  Because you will be writing about this topic a lot, now it is time to do some keyword research.
You really should determine how popular, competetive, and profitable a niche can be for you, and not just wing it.

Also, you want to be sure that when you write posts and pages, that their topic is one being searched for in Google.  You want to target the keywords that people are actually looking for!

In my last post, I talked about the Google Keyword research tool.  It is a very valuable resource you use to determine how often your keywords are searched for each month.


Market Samurai Saves Time!

Of course you could do all of this keyword generation, keyword analysis, & SEO competitive analysis by hand and without this tool.  But I would highly recommend against attempting this as you would just be wasting your time – in my opinion.

You absolutely should spend some time typing your niche keywords into Google and into the Google Keyword tool.  But you will soon see that this is time consuming and less organized.

However, this is a good way to start to understand keywords and search engine traffic, etc.

Finally, Market Samurai keeps everything organized in one file for you.  If you were to continue doing your research using the Keyword Tool, you would have to continually type information into a spreadsheet in order to document what you learned.


Use Market Samurai for Keyword Research

The tool that I am using for my niche market research is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its time-saving nature, ease of use, large selection of built in tools, and its integration of all the important aspects of keyword analysis.

At first I was skeptical about spending my personal money on an internet tool before I was even generating any income from my online endeavors.  However, I watched some training videos that showed the power and simplicity of this tool, which got me very interested.  Finally, I saw the price and I decided it was worth this cost if it even saved me one hour of my time (since I would have to do this keyword generation & analysis and competetive research anways).  Well this tool is saving a few hours of my time every week and has long since covered the cost of purchasing it – many times over.

If you are at the stage in your Virtual Business journey where you are conducting keyword research and competitive analysis, then you have to download the free trial of Market Samurai and test the functionality for yourself!  Click here and if you purchase within the first five days of the trial period, then you save 34% off the regular price!


Additional benefits

Market Samurai also come with some additional functionality that you may not immediate notice or care about.

Not only can you use it to find the top 10 sites for a particular keyword.

You can also use it to find available domains that contain one or more keywords. You can even set it to look for a predetermined prefix or suffix.

Finally, Market Samurai will search other websites for articles or other possible material.

If you’ve made it this far, you definitely owe it to yourself to download the free trial of Market Samurai and  try it out!

If you like it be sure to take advantage of the dissent they offer.

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