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Business and entrepreneurship have interested me for quite some time now. However, I did not have much knowledge about online virtual business; it was all just foreign and strange to me.  One day, while searching for business podcasts on iTunes, the Internet Business Mastery podcast caught my eye.


Is this Internet Business Mastery Podcast for real?

At first I was slow to accept it.
“Is this possible, can I do this?” was one of the questions that I had.
But with time I became more interested, then convinced, and finally obsessed with learning everything that I could about online business.
There are a number of personalities in the virtual business world that I follow, and the majority of them seem to have gotten started in the halls of the Internet Business Mastery Academy.  In the circle of people that I follow, Sterling and Jay are the proverbial godfathers.

You are going to hear me talk a lot about Internet Business Mastery. I’ve repeatedly listened to their podcasts.
On a recent vacation, I made iPhone Audiobooks (.m4b format) out of their Podcasts number 50 to 120 and listened to them on the beach.  Ya seriously.
If you’re new to internet business then you have to go to iTunes – or your favorite podcast delivery program – and subscribe to the Internet Business Mastery podcast.  Things will change for you my friend.

Actually you should download all of their available back episodes as well and listen to them while driving, cooking, doing dishes, etc.  This is time well spent.


Be sure to have a notepad ready to jot down the little gold nuggets of information that they provide.  The quick tips, tricks, books, apps, programs, and other resources they share are very useful.

Also, you will want to take note of the various listener success stories that they present.  These are little shout-outs to folks who have turned the corner and have become a success.

Some of these people are just podcast listeners, some are members of the Internet Business Mastery Academy, and some are private coaching clients.  This shows that no matter which level of interaction you have with Sterling & Jay, you can become a success online.


The Internet Business Mastery Podcast Online Business Blueprint

This is a series of five podcast that teach you the basic steps of starting your own internet business.

Go to iTunes and download episodes 59 through 63 while you still can.  This is the kind of material they could easily charge for.

In it you will learn all about the steps necessary to start your own internet business.


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Here’s a link: to the Internet Business Mastery Podcast on iTunes


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