Google Reader Application

Written by Andrew Wright

Topics: Beginner, Learning

Today I discovered the Google Reader Application and it has already changed the way I consume blogs and other internet content.
There are many people and websites that I am interested in following and learning from, but it would be impossible to go to their websites every day to see if there’s some new content.  This would take just too much time…

Enter the Google reader service.

This application watches the websites that I tell it to, and summarizes all the blog posts and site updates in one location: on my google account.

Go to it and try it it.  It’s a tool that I wish I had have found earlier!!

Some of the feeds that I added to my reader (you should add some of these to start).
Click “Add Subscription” and enter the URL below:

Tim Ferriss
Sterling & Jay
Pat Flynn  
Maren Kate
Ramit Sethi

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