Google AdWords Keyword Tool for Keyword Research

Written by Andrew Wright

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Google has a very useful tool for us to use when doing keyword generation & analysis, researching a topic, and determining how competitive a niche is.  You should familiarize yourself with this tool and use it regularily when you’re curious about how often a term s serached for every month.


A Thesaurus for doing Keyword Research

Type a keyword into the box, choose your location (I use global), choose your language, and press search.  You have now generated a list of keywords relating to your search term, the relative competitivness of the keyord, the number of global & local monthly searches, 12-month search trends, and an approximate cost-per-click (CPC) which is useful if you’re using Google AdWords.

Now I recommend unchecking the “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” box, which tells the tool to only search for terms containing your original keyword.  Normally, this will drastically increase the number of results that you are given.

Voila.  When you may have before only thought up a few keywords relating to your topic, you now instantly have 10, 50, or 100 more to perform further research and competitive analysis on.


Keyword Search Popularity

Hopefully you know that the internet is not a field of dreams; “if you build it, they will come” is not sound advice – in my opinion.  You can have all the passion in the world about a topic, but if nobody is searching for it, then it will prove to be very difficult to generate much traffic and make the website profitable.

The most important use of the Google Keyword Tool, and this stage in your virtual business career, is to determine how often a particular phrase is searched for every month.
You are getting the information directly from the source here!

There will be other applications that are better at generating related keywords, determining competitiveness, profit potential, etc.  However, I always come back to this tool to determine monthly search volume.

Options here include specifying location (i.e. USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, etc.), languages, add filters to narrow your results, and – if you’re so inclined – include adult content.  I typically just do a global English search, but I’m sure that I’ll use the advaced options more in the future.


Keyword trends and competitivness

The keyword research tool has visual indicators showing how competitive a search term is and how the search volume has trended over the past 12 months.  I use these just as quick visual indicators to keep an eye on when researching keywords.  I use other tools for this, particularly competetive analysis, and will share them with you here on this blog.


A great FREE tool

You should make yourself comfortable with using this free tool from Google.

  • The more you use it, the more likely you are to uncover a highly-searched keyword with little competition – the so-called golden nuggets.
  • The more keywords you see and the more research you do, well the more likely you are to have a eureka moment about a profitable keyword, a novel blog post topic, and innovative iPhone application, or gaining inspiration to finally write that ebook.
  • The more keywords you generate now, the more complete your analysis can be once you start using 3rd party niche market research tools.

Have fun with your research!


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