Get a MacBook – A Valuable Tool For Internet Business

Written by Andrew Wright

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Internet Business Tool

Most important internet business tools today are hardware and software.

Here I will discuss how I came to finally own a MacBook Pro


Dell + Ubuntu = VERY long life

I loved my old laptop. It was my first one, I had spent a lot of money on it, and it had done me well for a good six years. In fact, it still works fine. I recently cleaned out the dust & dirt, formatted it, and freshly installed the newest Ubuntu Linux.
Ya, I hate to spend money, so I was trying to get as much life out of this old laptop as possible; and it was working. I was amazed at the useability of Ubuntu, how well this old machine functioned, and how many programs had been programmed and ported to this Linux based operating system.


But it was time.

It was time for me to upgrade – to move on.
I had been able to write, setup websites, email, use spreadsheets, download, chat with friends, and listen to music – but I wanted more.
There were web apps that I enjoyed using, that I knew were native applications on the Mac.
There were times when – though rare – a program I wanted to use was only available for Windows or Macintosh.
I knew I could do more with iCloud, OSX Lion, and the Mac App store.
I knew I could use my iPhone for so much more, to send my photos immediately to my computer, and to have everything just work.
So I got my Visa card, went to the nearest Apple store, and finally got myself a MacBook Pro.


Now I Understand

Everything just works.
First thing, I downloaded the Twitter App, Wunderlist, Dropbox, and Evernote.
They were all open at the same time, but not minimized. I had set them into a couple of different window spaces, so I could move between them with a swipe or two of my finger. Safari web browser, Mac App Store, iTunes, and my pictures were all instantly available.
I swipe to one corner, and my different desktop spaces are selectable, swipe to another and my application menu launchpad opens. A third corner gives me all of my accessory gadget widgets.

This truely is a great tool for an internet business.


Then there was nothing

But sometimes simplicity is better.
It’s true that you can be so overwhelmed by choices, that you do nothing.
Paralysis by analysis they call it.

So now I find myself staring at a refreshingly basic white screen with a few simple trees at the bottom and listening to soothing background music noise.
I installed an application called Ommwriter – a free download from their website.
Ommwriter takes over your screen in fullscreen mode, leave no visual distractions. It blocks out Twitter beeps, Facebook clicks, and email dings. It gets rid of the menus, lines, buttons, & distractions of a traditional word processor, and it even plays a soothing, zen-like background soundtrack.
Well worth the price if you ask me.


Today’s Internet Business Tool Tip

Today’s tool for taking your website and internet business efforts to the next level is to get a Mac.
If you are stuck in a rut, have a little money to spend, and want to go to the next level – go out and buy yourself one – a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, or even a refurbished white MacBook will all do. Gone are my normal crashes, delays, video card overheat brown-outs, and general computer boredom. Using my computer is again a pleasure.

As for my old laptop – I don’t know.  It still works.  I may use it to take on vacation, or I may give it to a member of my family that still doesn’t have a laptop.

But I am sure glad I upgraded.


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