Use Dropbox – One of the Top 10 Business Tools

Written by Andrew Wright

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I’m sure that you are a lot like me and you have a laptop, desktop, and a smartphone – at the very least.  Sharing files between each of these devices is an annoying and tedious exercise involving email and USB memory sticks.  Moving PDFs, spreadsheets, or document files to my iPhone has always been difficult.

Well no longer, there is now a fantastic solution called Dropbox

This easy to use tool gives you a storage folder in the cloud and syncs your files between your computers, smartphone, tablet, and the online storage facility.
You start with 2GB of space and build that up higher by referring other people using your link.
But if you use my link, you receive a 250MB bonus to start (and so do I!).
The best part is it is all free.

I’ve installed it on Windows, my iPhone, and even on my laptop running Ubuntu Linux.
It’s by far the easiest way to share or transfer between computers, and has made putting PDFs onto my iPhone extremely easy.
It’s even a good way to back up some of your important documents.

The program appears as a folder in your harddrive.  When you drag and drop files into this folder, the program syncs it to the internet and your other devices.
If you’re on a public computer or one of your friends’, you can log into the Dropbox website and still have fill access to your files.

All I can say is that it’s worth trying out.  You will be hooked.

Get your free Dropbox account today!

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