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Recommend Books as an Amazon Associate

17 June 2011

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Though I’ve recently discovered audiobooks and am starting to really prefer them, I am still a very avid reader and can consume books rapidly.  Naturally I find myself giving book recommendations very often, especially in the areas of business, language, travel, engineering, health, and exercise.   An easy way to recommend books to your website […]

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Moolala Daily Deal Coupon

6 May 2011

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Those daily deal coupon websites are definitely becoming very popular (and useful!). A new take on daily deal coupons is called Moolala and allows you to sign up your friends and receive a percentage of their purchases as a commission – and of their friends’ purchases – and their friends’ friends, etc. The same great […]

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My Beginning in Virtual Business & Lifestyle Design

15 April 2011

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Here I will document my journey into virtual business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and location independence. I hope to share my experiences and knowledge gained through books, online courses, blogs, podcasts, and my own website. This site will be my way of practising what I learn from online business websites and gurus while I work on […]

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