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Google Reader Application

20 May 2011

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Today I discovered the Google Reader Application and it has already changed the way I consume blogs and other internet content. There are many people and websites that I am interested in following and learning from, but it would be impossible to go to their websites every day to see if there’s some new content.  […]

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Internet Business Mastery Podcast

13 May 2011

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Listen to the Internet Business Mastery Podcast Business and entrepreneurship have interested me for quite some time now. However, I did not have much knowledge about online virtual business; it was all just foreign and strange to me.  One day, while searching for business podcasts on iTunes, the Internet Business Mastery podcast caught my eye. […]

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Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

29 April 2011

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One of the websites that I check out a lot is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income: Of all the websites, blogs, podcasts, and books that I’ve read on entrepreneurship or virtual business, Pat is definitely the most open and genuine personality. Most notable are his monthly income reports – yes he actually lists and […]

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My Beginning in Virtual Business & Lifestyle Design

15 April 2011

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Here I will document my journey into virtual business, entrepreneurship, lifestyle design, and location independence. I hope to share my experiences and knowledge gained through books, online courses, blogs, podcasts, and my own website. This site will be my way of practising what I learn from online business websites and gurus while I work on […]

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