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Recommend Books as an Amazon Associate

17 June 2011

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Though I’ve recently discovered audiobooks and am starting to really prefer them, I am still a very avid reader and can consume books rapidly.  Naturally I find myself giving book recommendations very often, especially in the areas of business, language, travel, engineering, health, and exercise.   An easy way to recommend books to your website […]

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Use WordPress To Build Your Site

21 April 2011

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Even though it is really fast and easy to get started, just having your web hosting account will not get your website up and available to the world. Content Management Systems About ten years ago people used visual editors such as Microsoft Frontpage to design their static websites.  When I first started thinking about virtual […]

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Why I chose Bluehost

18 April 2011

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Hey, so one of the first steps I had to take was to decide on a website host. I spoke with family & friends and got a personal recommendation from them.  I read reviews online and took advice from some of my gurus: Sterling & Jay at Internet Business Mastery, Cliff Ravenscraft at Podcast Answer […]

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